Maybe the end of the line for the original Defy XT

For anyone still using the original Defy, the end is near. Google is shutting off access to it’s services September 27. See:

The phone will still function, but no access to Google Play, Gmail, Maps, etc. As for making calls, since that is built into the Republic app in the firmware image, that probably will still work, maybe the Moderator can comment.


The fact that there are any of these phones still out there is astounding. Thank you to Republic for letting them work for so long. If I were Republic I would have cut them off LONG ago!


it’s days are numbered as there the CDMA shut down in Jan 2022 (I feel most current user will keep using til then even without access to google services)


I’ve never used the DEFY, so what’s the practical effect? Are apps on the DEFY still being actively updated via Google’s Play Store app? I suppose one would lose access to Gmail. Anything else?

In other words, for those still using the DEFY for basic talk & text, that would continue working until T-Mobile shutters Sprint’s CDMA network (according to T-Mobile on track to happen in January 2022), correct?


I wonder if the Amazon appstore will run on a DEFY.

It will not. Requires Android 4.0.3 or newer. The Defy runs the same OS as the tablets Moses brought down from the mountain, it’s amazing anything runs on them.


There are websites where you can download older versions of apps. Obviously you need to be careful of which sites you use, but I’ve had to do that once or twice on the past.
It’s more slightly complicated than just downloading the apk, but fairly easy to do.

I used to use the Defy and loved it. It was a small, handy phone that fit almost anywhere. And it was water proof. You could drop it in the toilet and it would still work.

Oh @dham2, please tell me you didn’t!

Ha! Nope! But it’s been through some pretty rugged weather.

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