Mcdonalds app


Phone says not compatible to download Mcdonalds app


A check of my E1 and it also shows this app to be not compatible. This is because of the results of test by Google Play indicated that either for hardware or software reasons the app would not function. (this is part of the protection provided within Android to prevent problems for us as end users) See Device Compatibility | Android Developers

  1. The app requires Android 4.4 and up so that’s the first thing to check on your phone in the phone settings menu under about phone.

  2. I also have to wonder if your phone has enough usable memory for much of anything if you get past the Android version issue.

Maybe you can swing the cost of a used Moto G1 with 16GB of memory and then install a new battery. They are selling for $75 to $85 on Swappa. Do not buy any phone that has less then 16GB of memory.

As a side note, the app did load on my Moto X1 with Android 5.1 installed on it.


Maybe you phone is trying to tell you something?