Media and Contact Sharing work in car, but phone will not

I have had a Moto G4 for about a month now. Worked fine and bluetothed to car fine. Now, it hooks up Media and Contact Sharing in the car but the phone just works on the handset. When I look under Bluetooth on the phone it shows a paired device being my Sonata…Media Audio is checked, Contact Sharing is checked, but Phone Audio is not checked…when I try to check it…the check mark will not stay…

@amitl post this Solved: Bluetooth will NOT let me select “Phone Audio” when connecting to headset/car. - Page 4 - Lenovo Community


The primary workaround that appear to be working for most people is

Disable Bluetooth scanning

Settings -> Location -> Scanning -> Disable “Bluetooth Scanning”

Some have also reported success with clearing data of the Bluetooth Share app

This can be accessed from Settings -> Apps -> (three vertical dots) -> Show System

Tap on “Bluetooth Share” -> Storage -> Clear Data

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