Mellow the pacific biodegradable case for Galaxy S10e is a terrible phone case

Do not pay forty+ bucks for this case from Republic Wireless. It’s a cheap, slimy, slender case that begs to fly out of your hands. If I had a question here, it would be: Why does Republic Wireless choose to carry such a piece of garbage for sale at such a price. Note that I’m out $40+ bucks because I scored the sides of this case with a hacksaw so I could hold onto it. Republic won’t let me return it damaged.

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Hi @clarkl.l0ldyr,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. I’ve moved your comments to our “Reviews” section to help make sure people see it.

In selecting our accessories, we rely on the descriptions provided by a supplier we trust, and our product team often circulates some product samples in the office for review, and no one on our staff raised any concerns about the case being slimy. We were also happy to be able to introduce a more earth-friendly product for those for whom environmental concerns are an important part of their buying decision. I have passed your comments along to our product team to make sure they are aware of your dissatisfaction with the product.

Our accessory return policy does only apply to new, unopened products. We’re sorry we cannot accept the return of a modified product, but I’m going to contact you by Help Ticket to see if there is a different way we could help.

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