Member Experiences Using "Basic Data Test"


Please share your experiences.


I was very pleased to see this capability added to my account. We are low data users and will rarely need it, but it’s nice to know it is there. On my first month of the trial, I used less than 200MB of my 1GB plan, so I never rolled into the basic 3G.


I don’t believe Basic Data is 3G speed, more like 2G. Still I’m pleased to see Republic experimenting and the outcome will be of interest.


My situation parallels yours. I hope the fallback is to 3G. In my experience 2G is useless from a moving vehicle.


Industry standard for this type of throttled data is 128-256 kbps. I’d love it too if it were 3G but highly unlikely. In any event, it’s a test lasting until January 15th. It’s not yet a permanent feature and may never be.


I haven’t got it yet, but I will, and I assume less than 3g.


That wouldn’t make any sense. The 3G plan previously cost $25 and was unsustainable. Why would Republic introduce what is essential a $20 version of the plan?


O.K. I’ll give my experience. Also, please see this thread for comments by me and others:

When was basic data started

Apparently there have been several people like me who usually use very little data but, wanting to try the basic data, purposely used up our 1 GB of regular data on the last day of the billing cycle. With wifi turned off, I started streaming music, then switched to youtube videos. When I ran out of the first GB, I had no data for a while. It’s hard to tell how long because I had to drive somewhere for about a half an hour, then checked and found that I had been credited with an additional GB,

Since I was out, I didn’t try much but I did view a short youtube video and it worked perfectly, so the slower speed is fine for my uses. I suppose downloading a big file, like a long HD movie, could be noticeably slower.

One thing to note is that once the additional GB was added, the RW app, on the start page, showed that I had switched to the 2 GB plan. I was concerned that I might be charged for the 2 GB plan going forward so I went to the “change plan” section where it correctly showed that I was still on the 1 GB plan.

I even received an email from RW saying “We received and completed your change request”. Checking my billing history this morning indeed shows a change " charge" of $0.00. It makes me wonder if my speed was slowed at all. So RW seems to be making the data addition by doing a no charge 1 GB addition.

When midnight eastern time rolled around, I suddenly had no data again and the app showed that my new cycle had started and that I had used my 1 GB the first day! I went to sleep and when I woke up that had been corrected.

Bottom line, overall a good experience that required a bit of patience when data switch overs happened.

I do hope that RW adopts this as a regular feature even though I usually won’t need it.


Like I said, in my experience 2G is useless from a moving vehicle. About the only time I use any cell data is in my car because otherwise I’m usually connected to WiFi. I’ve used Maps on 2G in the past and after about 30 miles from my starting point it collapses. I guess 3G would make no sense to RW, 2G would make no sense to me.


My son has the ‘basic data’ test on his phone. It’s not slowing him down at all. He’s able to watch YouTube videos and be active on social media (even in a vehicle moving 70 mph) . Seems to me that an even slower ‘basic’ plan would be fine–enough to check email, maybe use a texting app (WhatsApp, etc.). As RW states, watching videos is not essential.


Last month went really well. I purposely went over last month to test it out and had no issues. However, this month, I accidentally went over already, but my data isn’t working at all. If when I wake up, I still don’t have data, I will open a ticket.

ETA- Opened a ticket. Still trying to get it worked out. They issued me a $5 credit and said to change my plan to the next level then back again so I don’t get overcharged next month. Problem is, it should be 2gb of basic data and to upgrade my plan will cost me $15 not $5. Hmm.


My basic data did not kick in at all because I was given a one time additional 1GB of data once I used up my data.