Member loyalty program?

All I ever see from Republic is new customer offers. Now celebrating 10 years and still no loyalty reward for members who been with you through the years?


Did you miss this Announcement?

Yes. But a random chance sweepstakes? Kinda weak. How about a deal on phone or plan upgrades? That’s a loyalty reward.

  • I understand, but some of us would consider some of the following things as a loyalty rewards over the years
    • Continued innovations like:
      • Extend Home
      • Spam Blocking
      • Bonded Calling
      • Yearly plans to allow us to get 12 months for the price of 10
      • Low-cost data for cellular
      • Support programs such as the Republic Expert program

Those are available to any customer all the time. I’d consider those advantages and benefits over other carriers. We were discussing loyalty rewards.
New customers get the incentives perks though like savings on new phones. Those should be extended to existing customers. Republic customers for example have had access to limited phone selections and patiently waited for OS to phones which notoriously lag behind others. Not to mention early bugs in handover technology.
I’ve been a customer for a long time. I’ve had all my kids on Republic and purchased their phones from Republic as well.


Long time beta participant customers have been receiving a service discount for years.
Beta Member Service Discount FAQ – Republic Help.


Hi @peterc.cms,

We usually make phone discounts available to anyone, not just new members.

We currently support over 70 models of phones. Our 3.0 phones are factory unlocked models with updates from the manufacturer that are not in any way delayed by Republic Wireless.

As indicated in the announcement that @jben referenced, we’re just kicking off our tenth year celebration. We are working on some specials that will focus more on our long-time members as the year unfolds.


Thanks R.W. for all you do to keep prices down! Please continue to innovate!



Guessing by your mention of long waits for OS updates, you might be using a legacy phone rather than our newer phones? If so, what kind of offer would you like to see as you consider upgrading?

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Actually I bought the new Motor G stylus. Previously Moto G4 which took forever to update and then became corrupted with ghost touching. Which was never corrected. Still want to get my wife out of her G4. All the kid’s had Moto E. I had the first Moto X. I’d like to see an offer on new phones. Republic can see I still have an old G4 … give me an offer on a new phone! Like a Moto E new version! Otherwise I have to shop around for compatible phones which leads through doors of other carriers half the time.

Well I’ll keep an eye out for the announcement.


We don’t typically post Community Announcements about our pricing promotions. If you want to be sure you’re aware of our promotions, please subscribe to our marketing e-mails at the very bottom of the home page.

I get what they are saying. The beta discount is an example of a loyalty reward (but only pertains to a small amount of people). The pricing of RWS plan is what has kept me but i too am looking around as i need a new phone and monthly savings. T-Mobile has their Tuesday promotions and ATT has something similar. My cable company has a stellar deal for 1 gig at 14$ a month but i have to buy a new phone to get that. The fact that so many people have stayed loyal in 10 years says a lot but especially right now everything is being re-evaluated to save, even if it is a few dollars.

The G4 is a factory unlocked phone. It got updates on Republic at the same time, at the same rate and for as long as that model got updates on any other carrier because the carriers aren’t involved. This is true for all Republic compatible phones since July 2016. Republic is not in the loop on upgrades and any complaints about updates should be directed to the phone manufacturer (and would be the same no matter what company you’re using the phone with).

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Most of have learned from entering such chances, soon thereafter ending up on spammer’s lists. Mo betta, the invitation included, "Entry data will not be shared by us to anyone.

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