Memory issues with SD card

I keep running out of memory. I have a Moto G4 with 128G SD card. It kept filling up the phone storage, even though the SD card was formatted for internal storage. It had 4G for apps internal, and 6G cache. The SD card had 4G used for apps, 3G used for data. The low memory warnings went away when I cleared the cache. Then I saw the Migrate Data option. I thought that would move stuff to the SD card. Instead it moved it to the phone storage. Now I’m using 9G out of 10G available on the phone storage. How do I move things to the SD card?

Also, when I do find an app that will allow me to move it to the SD card, I get the error “Not enough memory” even though over 100G is available. Very frustrating.

AppMgr III (App 2 SD, Hide and Freeze apps)
This app may help move some moveable stuff to the sd card! Note Not all can be moved especially apps.

This moved a single 37M app. I think the Migrate command moved data, not apps. And there are 4G of images on the phone memory. Anyone know how to move those to the SD Card?

Try loading the pics to a computer then transfer to the SD card but the computer would probably need a SD card reader.

Hi @ravenrgg,

Although others may disagree, I usually advise against setting up an SD card as internal memory because if the SD card fails, the only solution I’ve seen is to factory reset the phone.

Perhaps you will find some help in Motorola’s guidance on using an SD card for internal storage for the G4:


@bocephous AppMgr III now pesters me every day to clear the cache, which using this app takes about 3 minutes. This is more annoying than the previous messages, which only showed up once every few months.

@southpaw I have everything backed up to Google, so this would not be too much of an issue.

Basically I’d like to move the cache to the SD card. I think that would stop the annoying messages. Anyone know how to do that?

I don’t write the apps just recommended what you wanted. Sorry for more issues! Maybe try another at the Google playtstore if that one isn’t a fit for you.
Files To SD Card
OR TAKE your pick
A page of apps from the Playstore

@bocephous - I thank you for your effort. Sorry if I sounded critical. BTW I love your screen name.

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Thank You! I don’t take too much seriously & I like to help when I can. Ya gotta love Hank Jr A no bull guy lol

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