Men without cases


Really dumb question, but for guys that do not use phone cases, how do you safely carry your phone?


Hi @jeffb.bgnkq0,

Well, generally, I use a case. That said, whether in a case or not I tend to carry my phone in my front pants pocket making certain not to have keys, coins or anything else that might scratch a screen in that same pocket.


I have a Moto mod on my Moto Z2 Play and have yet to find a case that will fit it with the mod , I usually keep it in a shirt pocket or if not wearing a shirt with one then front pant pocket [in cold weather I will use a coat pocket for quick access]


@jeffb.bgnkq0, I personally always recommend a case. Why aren’t you wanting to use a case?


Still haven’t found a suitable one. I have a wide leather belt and they don’t clip well to it. Clipping it to my pocket doesn’t work well either and I don’t often wear shirts with pockets. The biggest problem with the current sace, is that the ear phones connector won’t seat well enough to use them.


How about trying a holster I have the last one in camo with the 3/4 flap for my headphones port

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I will check out some of those. Thanks.

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I’m with bocephous. I have a holster, and while I look pretty nerdy, I have never dropped my phone and shattered the screen. A lot safer than a pocket.

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I haven’t used a case for my last 3 phones (over about 5 years time period). I carry it in my left front pants pocket and NEVER EVER put anything else in that pocket. And I have never had so much as a scratch on any of the phones.

Oh, and I also don’t use a screen protector.

But, I also acknowledge and accept that someday Murphy will strike and I will drop the phone, break it beyond repair, and wish I’d have had a case on it. But at least until that happens, I am willing to take the risk for having the thinnest, smallest, device possible in my pocket.


I just unboxed my new Moto X4, and it is so slippery that I have nearly dropped it a couple of times, plus it slides off anything that isn’t perfectly level (like my slightly messy desk). So am waiting for a case, before it sees the light of day


Do you wear jeans or slacks? That is what I would like to do, but I always have keys and stuff in that pocket.


The only phones I have ever use without a case…are flip phones and the indestructible Nokia Bar phones of the past. Any smart-phone must have a case! You are just gambling otherwise. I pay too much money for the phone…not going to risk having it not in a case.

Also, phones are to darn thing and slippery for my hands anyway. Adding a case makes it feel good and secure in my hand.

A college buddy of mine, however, hates cases. He had a Nokia Lumia 1020 phone (Windows phone) that thing was incrediblely tough. He still will toss it around, drop it, etc, and it wont break, and still works fine. Its never been in a case. He still hates having to give up using that phone due to Win phones demise. Every single phone he has had since them, even put them in good cases. he has broken them with light use.


My Z Play would fit in my pocket, but I don’t like carrying anything that bulky there. A holster with a magnetized flip top works very well and better protects the phone. And the holster isn’t phone specific. Any phone of similar size could fit in it.


Have you looked for a less bulky straight thru connector adapter? Often the connector is as much to blame as the case port.



Jeans, slacks, dress pants, dockers, shorts, or whatever I need to wear that day. Again, I do think it’s tempting fate to not have a case, and especially a screen protector, but still, it’s what I choose to do.


Never even thought of it, thanks! I am going to stick with the holster I have so I will look into getting one.

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