Merge calls doesn't work on WiFi

What phone do you have?
Samsung S7

What plan are you on?
$20 w/ 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Yes, 1 GB data

Issue Description

When on WiFi, I cannot merge calls. Works fine on cellular. On WiFi, I can only swap between calls. Republic Wireless support gave me reset steps which would make it work for one or two days and then it would stop working again. They are refusing to do any further debug or support.

Any ideas on what might be the real problem? (Beside Republic Wireless’ Helpless Desk)

Thanks in advance,

Hi @stephenm,

Candidly, I’ve never found three-way WiFi calling to be dependable. The most expedient solution is to force the call to cell prior to adding the third participant. I appreciate that isn’t the answer you’re looking for but will point out there’s no increased cost to you for doing so.

An alternative would to have call participants call into a conference bridge. Anonochat is one option. UberConference is another. Both are free.

Hopefully, someone comes along and proves me wrong, however, on this one I don’t think the Community has better troubleshooting advice than staff.

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Hi Rolandh,

Thank you for your answer.

I am disappointed as this means I cannot use the Jolly Roger Telephone service.

I disagree with you about the staff having no better advice. Your’e answer was far superior. Simply saying that a feature is known to be unreliable and they haven’t been able to get it to work well would have saved them and myself a lot of unnecessary headache. It would have set my expectations that it was going to be a difficult process to try and get it to work and that we might be unsuccessful.

Instead, the Helpless Desk sent me to the Upgrade and Reset Zombies who could say nothing but “Uuupppgrade… Reeeesset…”.

Very disappointed in Republic Wireless. More disappointed in there “support” team giving me the run around then in there WiFi calling not supporting this service very well. After all, I can go pay twice as much from someone else if I really want this service.

sigh I guess we get what we pay for.

Sadly, your “free” help was better than anything I paid for…

Thanks again.


Hi @stephenm,

So, you wish to play with telemarketers. A shot in the dark, would forcing the call to cell prior to engaging the Jolly Roger callback work? Republic describes manual handover from WiFi to cell and vice versa here: How to Use Manual Handover in a Call – Republic Help. If that doesn’t help, perhaps, Jolly Roger’s “Pirate Voicemail” might? You’d need to see if engaging Republic’s voicemail forwarding feature is compatible with that: How to Enable Voicemail Forwarding – Republic Help. The Jolly Roger folks do have an extensive FAQ. Maybe there’s an alternative way:

In faIrness to Republic staff, their job is to try and make things work for the customer. I have the luxury of candidly relating my experience such as it is. Perhaps, another member’s experience is different and, if so, I hope they’ll join the conversation.

Hi Roland,

Thanks for the thoughts on the Jolly Roger. I have the voicemail setup and it does work with Republic Wireless. However, the vast majority of the telemarketers and scammers who call me some how detect the transfer to voice mail and hang up. I get 3-5 spam calls a day (M-F) and the voice mail will catch maybe 1 a week. Not a very good conversion ratio. Of course, the Jolly Roger bots aren’t perfect, so maybe 1 out of every 5 calls they answer fools the caller for more than 20 seconds. So, maybe once a month I actually hook a telemarketer with the voice mail service… not very satisfactory or helpful.

I’ve tried switching to cellular by dropping my wifi in the middle of the call, but the whole thing from dropping wifi, to answering to calling the Jolly Roger to merging the calls needs to be done quickly and it is very hard to do it. If you are too slow, the spammer just hangs up.

Maybe the “Summon a Pirate” service would work better with handing over the call, but that has a per minute cost (since Roger has to pay to call me).

Of course, an Android App to do it all would be best, but Google (wisely) doesn’t let apps make and merge calls easily.

So, there you have my thoughts on the subject.

Thanks again for your help.

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