Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone! Beta member here. Yes republic has had its ups and downs. This latest rage filled rant that seems to stem from the ascend release, is really beating a dead horse. Yes I waited up,refreshing over and over to secure a ascend. Yes, I did get through. The promotion said while supplies last. There would always be someone who’s unhappy. How could they predict how may phones to have available? Yes,they probably should have had more… But would there ever have been enough? RW has never NEVER done a bait and switch,they have an need to and it justified goes against the company mojo. No,I am not writing because I got in and did order the phone but because it’s Christmas. Why so many ugly rants? What happened to Peace on earth, good will to men? A mistake was made, appologies were offered. What more can rw do? It’s a growing point. It’s a growing company. No one is perfect. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years! I am grateful that rw provides such affordable / reliable service. Try doing one unexpected kindness for someone today, guaranteed to make you warm and fuzzy.


BBC - Future - Why it pays to be grumpy and bad-tempered


Merry Christmas!!



A Merry Xmas Season to you and your family.

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Yes, I did get through.

Not surprisingly, it’s the ones who got theirs that think the ones who feel cheated are being unreasonable.

I wish everyone a joyful and festive Winter Solstice.


Merry Christmas to you too!!

Obviously the people that didn’t get the deal never tried for a doorbuster somewhere.

For the record I did not order the Huawei. They are really nothing special anyway in the end.

Not all were unreasonable, I just feel the harshness is unnecessary. I have missed deals before but my life didn’t end , life’s too short to let anything or anyone take my happy. I understand why some felt the way they did, however their was no misrepresentation of the promotion I can’t explain how I got thru this time, but even if I didn’t, honestly it’s just a phone. Yes, I still long for the days before cell phones were around and at the same time I know that I am expected to have mine with me at all times.I hope all have a wonderfilled Christmas and blessed new year.


Thank you for sharing. I used to be a grumpy corporate person. Then I woke up to the realization that the sugar thing really works,if you are nice then people are generally nice in return. My life no longer contains negativity or stress that I don’t allow, so yeah you see I am not a wimp to the contrary most of my lite I have been fierce in business and simply choose to be true to is to short to be unhappy_change your circumstances don’t let them change you. Have a truly blessed Christmas season!


Thanks Merriest of Christmas time to you!

Thanks and a very special, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

the main point is this was to be a 6 day sale with start time no well communicate (was it midnight, 2.59 AM or start of business (9 AM) (of of those which timezone)

also not I wasn’t looking into a phone yet and would not have ordered one way or another but do feel Republic could have done a better job before and after the 30 minute sale


No, it was a sale that would run six days, if stock allowed, that is what while supplies last means. They sold out, the promotion ended.

No gimmicks, straight forward wording.


There was another comment here, when I posted. Now it is gone. I was not replying to you.

one should not announce a 6 day sale unless you have to stock to cover most of that time no where did republic say this was a flash sale or a door buster

They don’t have to, they said “while supplies last”, that indicates there is a limited supply.

the “while supplies last” may get them out of a legal technicality it is just wrong and some retail store have gotten in trouble for not having a advertised item in stock when a sale begins

Republic used to say they where above this type of marketing but now they don’r seam to have an issue with it

We don’t believe in Black Friday. Or Cyber Monday.

"This is wrong. You know it. They know it. And we know it."


It is not wrong and you are mad. Because you didn’t get the deal. They had the product at the beginning of the announced sale time and when it sold out, just as the promotion stated, the promotion ended.

why is holding a company to the values they state they have makes me mad (I was not going to order the phone but I do see how others where misread the only time in the promotion was 2:59 am yet by that time the phones where out of stock for hours (2.5) they did not communicate clearly the start time, the While Supplies last is put on every sale (including the now 2 week sale of the Moto Z Play) if Republic did not have enough Stock to run for a few days they should have listed this as a flash sale with clear start time (which they did not) (the while supplies last is a cop out answer

Republic has done 1 day sales before and that what they should have done here, let the users know (in the promotion materials that it’s a very limit supple and stock could run out early)



I do agree with you, there were things done right and things done wrong. If there was a limited supply & a known factor by RW why post dates of 12/13-12/19. They knew there wasn’t enough to last that long and I think the promotion should have been updated to shorten the dates according to supply and massive demand.

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