Message about Android voicemail storage issue

Along with a continued “Activating visual voicemail” message I see in the Voicemail tab of the phone app, I am also periodically getting a message from Republic Wireless which says that there is an Android voicemail storage issue, but does not explain what this issue is or what it means. Can anybody tell me how to straighten out these visual voicemail messages etc. ? It is irritating getting these messages and having no idea what to do about them. Am I supposed to be clearing Phone app data every now and then in some way I do not know about ? Any help would be appreciated so I do not have to deal with this “Visual Voicemail” stuff. I still get voicemail messages but I have no idea what “Visual Voicemail” is, why I need it, and why it keeeps bothering me with silly stuff like the above. Thanks !

Hi @eldiener,

Visual voicemail simply means voicemail one looks at and plays back from the Phone app on the phone rather than dialing in. When you say you still get voicemail messages; is that on the phone using the Phone app? Or, are you dialing in?

In most cases, the “Activating visual voicemail” message is cosmetic and may be ignored. This is the first I’ve heard of Republic Wireless saying there’s an Android voicemail storage issue. Are you certain this message is coming from Republic and not Android itself? Either way, might you be able to capture and post a screenshot of the message?

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I am not dialing in to see my voicemaI messages; there are just showing up in the Voicemail tab of the Phone app without any problem. I will continue to ignore the “Activating visual voicemail” paragraph located on the top half of the screen in the Voicemail tab of the Phone app. The “Android voicemail storage issue” pops up every now and then and when it does it is listed among the notifications for the main screen as a Republic Wireless notification. I will capture it the next time it occurs and post a screenshot when it does. It may be an Android issue which the Republic Wireless app is discovering, but in that case I have no idea what it means or what I am supposed to do about it.

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