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Does RepublicWireless offer message backup service for Android device? So once the message is deleted, we can restore from previous backup.

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No. They reccommend using a 3rd party app like:

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For the sake of clarity, generally, Republic itself does not recommend use of specific third party apps. Many Community members (myself included) suggest SMS Backup & Restore for backing up text messages on one’s Republic phone.

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I have seen @southpaw recommend them:

“If anyone typically has text messages that are of importance, regular back-ups with a third-party app are going to be the best practice.”

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Hi @SuperT,

Thanks for clarifying that you meant me specifically and highlighting my exact quote. As a company, Republic Wireless does not typically recommend or endorse specific third-party apps.

Thanks for the suggestion. Heard a lot of people recommend this app. Will give it a try later.

Official app is more welcomed and more secure. But you have to take the chance if it is not available.

i just used that app as a test to move messages from Pulse SMS to Google messages and it work fine. I did the local backup to a file on the phone, moved that file to other phone, and used restore method however…if u have an extreme about of messages, that will take lots of time and be sure u have the free space as the backup file will get quite large.

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