"message not sent; couldn't resize video"

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No sooner had they announced the Dish merger that I started having problems that I never had before: I’m getting this error msg when trying to send a text with video attached. It’s only a 2:30 min video, I’ve sent much longer videos in the past with no trouble at all. I’ve tried a re-boot, I tried using wifi and using cell data. Nothing works. Is this a sign of things to come?
Moto G5+

First, there have been no changes since the Dish announcement.

Second, sending a video of that length by text is neither recommended nor supported. The message you’re getting means that the system can’t even compress it enough to get it to be small enough to send by text. That means that even at the most horrible, tiny resolution that texted videos get converted to it is still too big to text.

Instead, open the Photos App, find the video, select “share” and send the link to it to your recipient. They’ll be able to watch the video in its actual resolution rather than potato x potato that texted videos (even short ones) arrive in.

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