Message not working without wifi

What phone do you have? : Moto G5S plus

What plan are you on? : talk and text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? :no data

Issue Description

Android message not working (both sending and receiving text not work without wifi, but work well with wifi. After shift to Republic Anywhere, the issue still remains.

Hi @xiangdongm

A common cause for this is having cell data turned off in the Settings app.

Open the Settings app, select Data usage and make sure “Mobile data” is flipped to the Right or On position.


Thank you.

I always keep the mobile data on.


Hi @xiangdongm,

What is the cellular coverage like in your area? Are you in an area of roaming coverage, or little cellular signal strength?

Hi There,
The cellular coverage should be OK, as the phone call works.


as texting on Republic is IP based there needs to be data (in the background) in order for it to work not all area’s that voice works will have data (this is more likely to happen in roaming areas but it also possible that a native tower would had data issue)

Is your phone able to browse a website you’ve never visited before in these areas?

It worked well before , e.g. about 6 months ago.

Hi @xiangdongm,

That’s a good clue… and why it’s important to understand the whole cellular coverage situation you are facing. Being able to make calls is just one piece of the puzzle. If the phone is in a roaming area and the roaming agreement between our cellular partner and their roaming partner has changed recently, then you may not have the cellular data necessary for texting.

The next time you find yourself unable to text, could you please see if you’re able to use the browser to visit a website you’ve never before visited? And look to see what the little signal-strength icon at the top of the phone, near the time, indicates. Any letters or special characters up there with the :signal_strength: bars?

Also, was this “before” on the same phone you have now? Or have you changed phones?

Yes, on the same phone.

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Hi @xiangdongm,

It has been a couple of weeks since we’ve heard from you. Are you still having trouble with texting, and did you want to keep troubleshooting in our Community?

We were waiting to hear from you about whether you can browse a website while experiencing this issue, or if you could describe any icons by the cellular signal strength indicator :signal_strength: when you are experiencing this issue.

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