I can do messenger to send and receive but I can’t send any other way. What are my options for messages? Thank you.

Messenger (now named “Messages” in newest versions) is Android’s default messaging app, and the only one Republic fully supports.

That said, you can probably use third-party OTT messaging apps, which operate using your WiFi or Cellular data connection, and might not use your Republic phone number as an identifier.

You might not want to have an email app on your device storing data but you can go online to your email and download the link to your homescreen by way of the 3 dots at the top right of the screen for sending and receiving emails quickly.

I believe the OP was referring to SMS and MMS, but if she wants to use email, she can use the stock email (yellow envelope) or gmail (red-and-white envelope) apps.

Without knowing which phone the OP has; it’s not possible to be certain it’s relevant to their circumstances, however, if it’s a 3.0 phone, multiple third party messaging apps (not OTT) will work just fine using one’s Republic number. In theory, any third party messaging app that supports Android’s system API in addition to or instead of the legacy API should work for both SMS and MMS. I use Textra regularly and have tested Chomp, Evolve, Handcent and Signal. All work fine on 3.0 phones without any complaints from Republic’s 3.0 app regarding using an unsupported messaging app.

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