Messages app not working

Why is the message app not working unless i m on WiFi

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If you would mention both the phone and the messaging app, perhaps someone could provided some additional help

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The most common cause of this is having data turned off in the phone’s settings. Please ensure the data is turned on in Android Settings. Settings > Data Usage > Cellular Data (some phones may say Mobile Data).

The phone is a Samsung A50 using the messages app.

Thanks, I will check it and see if this works.

On the A50 there’s usually a different call, and that’s that you didn’t replace the Samsung Messaging App. Have you replaced it with the recommended Google Messages?

This is already on…

OK…I added the messages app that was recommended when I started the phone when I first received it…so I need to make the Google messages my default text app?

That’s correct. It needs to be default and what you’re using.

OK…went in and Google messages is what I’m using already and is was already set as default.

When you turn off wifi on the phone, does the phone show a cell signal? If yes, does it show any letters near the signal bars? If yes, what letters?


Hi @melondyk,

It looks like you were able to get texting working after refreshing the Republic activation, using the Google Messages app. Is everything working as intended now?

No and yes…its better…but still doesn’t work at times…My son and I both have been with Republic for years with no problems with texting…his phone J7 works fine, as normal he uses anywhere app…my A50 will work on WiFi and in the car but not in restaurant or stores…I’m on Google messages…I can use call all the time… Should I change app to anywhere??

Hi @melondyk,

Google Messages should work, however, given your son’s experience trying Anywhere as a diagnostic test if nothing else certainly wouldn’t hurt.

To be certain there’s no confusion as both Samsung and Google helpfully call their texting app Messages, you’re currently using the one with this icon: :messages:?

Hi @melondyk,

I think you might have a better experience if we replaced the SIM card in your phone.

Would you mind following the steps here to request a CDMA SIM card?

Absolutely, sounds like a good idea. Do need to reopen a help ticket to do this?Thanks I will do this and yes its the messages app that the phone had me download when I received it and set it up.

Your previous ticket on the matter is closed now, so you would not be able to reply on that. The easiest way to get help with this will be to send the E-mail as described in the instructions I linked earlier.

OK…thanks so much for checking back with meand helping.

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