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Good morning All,
I dont know if this is related to the current transition taking place at RW but all of my text messages have to be “downloaded” by clicking the button in the app instead of just showing up like before.
Anyone else experiencing this?

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@stay_thirsty Samsung Phone? If so:

No, I have the Moto 5G Ace

I split this off in to its own topic as it is unrelated to the topic this was in. The next thing to try is to uninstall the updates to the Republic App, restart the phone, then reinstall the updates.

Thanks Louis…Ill give that a try. Just was not sure if it was related to the shift in service but apparently not

There has been no shift in service to this point, so no, it wouldn’t be related because nothing has changed.

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I’m having the same issue. Can you explain how to do this? Thanks.

On what model phone?

Louis can you send me directions for uninstalling updates the RW app for the Moto 5G specifically? I had to download every message today.

Hi @stay_thirsty,

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Im still having this issue even after uninstalling the RW app & all updates.

Kimberly (above) & I cant be the only two with a RW phone experiencing this can I? I have to click every text message and manually download by clicking on the circle button then hit the back button before it shows up. It been doing this for the last 3-4 days…

Have you tried clearing the cache or storage on the Messages app?

I just figured it out and it was doing that because I had to go into the messaging app settings …advanced settings and find & check “Download messages automatically when roaming”

Apparently Im always roaming on cell at home here in Youngsville and that was the issue. Its working amazing right now…Im getting them as soon as they are sent.

I hope this helps someone else in the future…


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