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Moto E 2020
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?


Issue Description

Had a Moto G7 Power and unfortunately the screen became damaged So I purchased the Moto E from Republic . Utilizing the Keep same # method I followed all directions to the T Everything updated successfully Republic,Motorola and Google play Apps ,Yet when I went to Messages I noticed that some important ones had not carried over from the G7 to the E, not to big of a problem but I was curious so I had my wife Text me on her Rep G7 in messages ,what happened was my G7 Power got the message but the E did not Now on completion of the conversion to the Moto E from the G7 Power I was assured everything was complete ,In Fact I did make the Test call as stated in the procedure and verified that the Moto E was up and running correctly and the G7 Power was not for Voice. I’ve since done a full charge reverified that all apps have been updated including Messages by Google in google play ,Yet any Texts that are sent to me are appearing on the G7 Power If I do receive one on the Moto E it is delayed by about 20 min -30 min. I utilize Messages frequently and need this app to perform correctly Please Help with this dilemma.

Sounds like RCS was left on because of the damage to the old phone. Try filling out this form: and then after confirming it with a text that is sent to you at your new phone, see if you still have the issue.

Thanks louisdi Said unable confirm to contact carrier to proceed
Looks like I go to the Republic option

Is the old phone working well enough that you can see its screen?

For those that may come back here later. As the old phone was still functional we were able to turn off chat there (Messages App – Settings – Chat Features – Enable Chat) which resolved the issue.

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