Messages just quit working. How do I enable the capability to send and receive picture messages

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Apparently there is a new problem with the Android Messages app. This is the recommended work-around:

Textra SMS - Android Apps on Google Play

If you install this you have to tap on the 3 dots and set it to Service instead of the default setting. See this thread:

The bug apparently afflicting Android Messages is limited to WiFi. It will work on cell. @shannonm.itvyf2 doesn’t indicate whether the issue with MMS is limited to WiFi or is also occurring on cell. Knowing that would be helpful to properly diagnosing the situation.

Umm… You tap the three dots, select settings, then mms, then mms behavior and set to “system”.

Right. That’s why I wrote “see this thread.”

I have the same problem. When I tap on the three dots, I don’t see MMS. I am only able to send with SMS. Cannot send pictures.

This is in Textra? Tap the three dots, then Settings, THEN MMS.

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