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Out of ignorance I may have just messed up my settings but recently I have noticed that when I’m out away from Wi-Fi and I try to reply to a text message I get a notification that the message is not sent and not until I get back into the Wi-Fi environment can I send the message. I’m sure this is simple but just bear with my stupidity and any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

Hi @cbinford,

As you mention the possibility of having inadvertently changed some settings, please see if this helps:


Well I read the article and quadruple checked all my settings and they’re correct according to the article. But I’ll try again the next time this happens. It’s just strange that it started happening for no known reason and now it only has that problem when I’m out connected to the cell. Anyway, thanks much for the instructions and I may try again. Have a good weekend

When you’re out on cell and unable to send a text message, please notice what the kind of signal is indicated in the phone’s status bar. Do you see a 4G or LTE indicator there?

It’s the LTE as the connection. Can that make a difference? In fact, I think I haven’t seen the 4G in quite a while.

Hi @cbinford,

No, there’s no difference. I just can’t keep straight which phones (if any) show “4G” and which ones show “LTE”. If you’re seeing “LTE” and you have all the settings in the article @rolandh referenced, we would expect your text messages to send. I just want to be sure you’re actually seeing the LTE indicator at the times when the messages won’t send.

What messaging app are you using?

Hi, Southpaw,
It’s just a generic messenger that I got from google When I started having problems with anywhere And I’ve never liked the facebook messenger very much And it works perfectly fine as long as I’m A wi Fi And I still receive Others messages to me when I’m out and around, it’s just that it won’t let me send a reply Until I get back under WiFi. Just the story of my life. Thanks

We support the messages app by Google, the icon looks like this :messages: Is that the one? If so, could you make sure you have RCS disabled?

Double check (maybe even take a screenshot) the next time it happens and make sure you’re seeing the LTE symbol at that time. This will rule out coverage as the problem.

Hey, thanks for this pointer. Chat features were enabled so I turned them off as you suggested and will keep your solution here in mind in case it happens again and I’ll do the screenshot thing. I hope this works and I offer you my sincere thanks for the the help. Have a great day


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