Messages not functioning correctly

What phone do you have? Moto G6 Play

What plan are you on? $20 month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? talk & text

Issue Description

Starting just yesterday, my incoming texts do not display nor do any messages with images. All I get is a download button that I have to click in order to receive the text and also, images sent to me yesterday took up to 5 hours to arrive!

I tested it myself by sending my phone a text and an image from Google Voice and the same thing. I have to download the message and I have to download the image.

I have made NO changes to my Messages settings. Current settings are shown on the attached screen shot.

I have been having all sorts of weird issues with the “messages” app. Some people can reach me, some not, some I can text to, some not. I gave up on it and downloaded a third party app called Textra SMS , from the Google Play store. Everything works again.

A similar problem was reported, and a flag was carried at the top of the forum until it was resolved.

  • Status can always be found as part of the footer and it will take you to
  • NOTE: See the Comment below from @rolandh for additional things to consider
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Hi @glennm.xe08im,

While there has indeed been an issue with inbound MMS (picture and/or group messages) reported on Republic’s status page the past few days; if Textra is working but Messages by Google still does not, then I don’t believe that was the problem.

If you wish to try Messages by Google again. I’d suggest verifying “chat features” are disabled as described by Republic here:

On the other hand, Textra is a fine app and though not officially supported by Republic, in my experience, it (and other text messaging apps) do work with Republic service:

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