Messages "Not Sent" on Mobile When They Actually Were

What phone do you have?
Moto G5Plus
32 GB
GSM/CDMA unlocked
Purchased used

What plan are you on?
My Choice + 3 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Talk, text, and 3 GB of data

Issue Description

This is an issue that I have always had with the Anywhere app, but it has gotten worse in the last week or so. When I send messages on the Anywhere Android app, I have sporadically gotten “Not Sent. Tap to try again.” message even when messages actually did send to people. It was annoying, but now it’s downright disturbing my communication. I have not been able to send any messages from my phone in the past 2-3 weeks without receiving this message, and so the only way I know my message has sent is by getting a reply from the person I sent the message to. It leaves my conversations looking like the below picture. This happens regardless of whether I am on wifi or data.

I haven’t really been able to find any troubleshooting since I just end up finding legitimate messages not being sent, but I have tried making sure data saver was turned off to no avail. I also use Anywhere on my computer, and I never have any problems with this on that device. It only happens on my phone.

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Your not the only one! The messages stopped for a week or two but back like herpes… I have a GSM Sim card. Moto X4 using Republic Anywhere on my phone & laptop Win 7. Laptop has no issues, The phone seems to do it on cell but not sure about WiFi…

have you tried the steps listed here Error: "Not Sent. Tap to Try Again." When Sending Texts – Republic Help
May not hurt to clear the app cache How to Clear an Individual App's Cache on Android 8.0 Oreo and above – Republic Help

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I will try when it happens again but what a pain in the… I don’t feel I should have to keep continuing to do this. Why does the phone need "voip"ed 2-3 times a week at times? I never had these issues till “do not disturb” took control of my phone and Android went 8.1 and above.
New Android shouldn’t mean breaking what was working just fine!!

I use Textra and have no issues. Anywhere still works fine on my PC. RW has basically ended support for Anywhere.


Why would they ask so many people to support anywhere then abandon it? Who are they trying to imitate? Google!

1st Republic still supports Anywhere is the ticket system, they have only stop development so no new features or bug fixes at this time
2nd when Republic started Anywhere Google did not have a web interface for Messages. Now that Google has this feature Republic may be thinking why spend resources [which are limited fo a small MVNOs like Republic] on a redundant feature (even though Anywhere is the better product in my opinion as it links to Republic servers vs the phone which must be on and connected to data for Google’s solution)

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Can you still see all of your messages across platforms? And can you send SMS over wifi?

No and yes.


I don’t think there is any way of bringing in the messages sent from non-phone
Anywhere into the phone unless you use Anywhere on the phone. One workaround for this is to only use the non-phone Anywhere for reading messages and then sending all messages from your phone.


Edited my previous reply.

After reading @amitl’s reply checked again. When using Textra as my default, messages written/sent to other numbers via PC platform do not show up in my text messages on my phone.

Have you tried uninstall & reinstall of the Anywhere app?


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I actually figured that out soon after I posted that, and I have been playing around with other apps in light of this and other things I’ve learned in this thread. Thank you all for your input!

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