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moto e4…yesterday i was sending messages to a friend. i was switching between my phone and computer. the last two i sent two i sent are not on my phone they are on the anywhere app on the computer. i checked setting and all devices are sinced and i tapped sync contacs now. on the advanced settings mms is set to auto retrieve and roaming retrieve is not set on.i don’t know whar resync messages from server will do so i didn’t.

That resync option resyncs the messages from the past 30 days. Unfortunately, it also deletes any messages older than 30 days.

You could get an app such as

backup your current messages… make sure you are able to retrieve them and then proceed with the resync option to get the missing messages.

Hi @nickf.tezg0v

Were you using Anywhere on your computer for the last two messages you sent? If so, please verify that Anywhere is currently set as the default SMS app on your phone. If you are using any other texting app on the phone you will see the behavior you describe.

You can check using the Settings app. Try Settings > Apps & notifications > Default apps.


anywhere is the default. something might be wrong, i can get a message and i’ll be looking at the phone and the noti. sound won’t go off.i have two open threads with her and with her and her daughter. they both have iphones. and i downloaded the app.lets see if i can stumble into some use from it.

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