Messages not working

Google Pixel XL
Texts not coming through except when I restart my phone. Also had TWO messages apps on my screen the other day. I removed one.

  1. Does this occur on Cellular, WiFi or both?
  2. The remaining messages app, is it Google Messages :messages: and have you turned off the Chat feature?
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It’s definitely on WiFi since it happens at home, but I do have some purchased data, so hard to say ONLY one or the other. The Messages app is gone at this point, since I removed it, only have one on home screen. I am now also getting captions on my messages, “now texting so and so”, “now chatting with so and so”.

Hi @barabbas ,

Republic supports both Google Messages or Republic Anywhere for texting. If your texting app is not one of those, please install the Google Messages app and turn off the chat feature as mentioned by @jben .

How to Disable the RCS Chat Features in Messages by Google – Republic Help

Please let us know if that helps :slight_smile:

Ok but curious, why turn off Chat feature? Isn’t that for sending pics and stuff?

No, that’s called mms. You can still sent pics and stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

This will explain RSC Chat:

Ok very good, thank you. I turned off the Chat feature I guess we’ll see how it goes. Interestingly I also noticed my text notifications were turned off so not sure how that happened either. Maybe that was part of the issue


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