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I just replaced my phone with a Samsung Galaxy S10+. I was using Google messages as my default messaging app but it wasn’t opening some attachments sent to me.
I changed to Pulse messaging app and it sends, receives, and opens all attachments so far but I get a notice from Republic to change my messaging app because it will notwork with RW.
Does anyone know if there is a real problem I am unaware of or can I just continue using Pulse?



Hi @laneh,

My belief is Pulse works but has not been whitelisted as a working messaging app as others have been: Text Messaging Apps Known to Work with Republic. As mentioned there, Republic supports Messages by Google and Republic Anywhere.

The fact Pulse is neither supported or whitelisted does not mean it doesn’t work. Time and use will confirm that or not. Meanwhile, you may be able to get rid of the nag as described here: How to Turn off the Republic Notification About Using an Incompatible Messenger – Republic Help.

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Thanks for the info. It was confusing to be told that something that works well isn’t compatible.


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