Messaging app sound notifications stopped working

My phone is a Moto G4 with Android 7.
My current plan is the My Choice + 1 GB

In the last several days it has ceased to give an audible notification when I receive a text message. I’ve noticed there are other apps I use such as GroupMe that also do not trigger the sound notification when a message comes in. I still get a screen notification. My volume is turned all the way up and it is not on the do not disturb setting.

Recent things that may have contributed to this. Just returned from a cruise where my phone was on airplane mode for several days. Have not heard my text notification since getting off the boat. Also applied a system update on or around June 1-2, but this was a day or two after the cruise.

I have already tried powering the phone off/on. Also changed the notification for my messaging app to make sure the sound file was not corrupted.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Are you using one of the two Republic Wireless approved messaging apps?

Yes, I’m using the Android messaging app

Ok, I feel stupid.

Went to the Settings > Apps > Messages

I see the “Show silently” option is turned on. I’ve never used this option and had no idea it existed and no clue as to how it was turned on. To me this seems like a pretty dumb place to hide this setting since there’s a “Notifications” setting within the app itself that is turned on.

But maybe that’s just me.


Thanks for the update … it’s feedback like this that keeps the community working. I would bet that your ‘discovery’ will provide an Ah Ha moment for someone else in the future

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