Messenger only works on wifi

What phone do youhave? Motox4

What plan are you on? Basic

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Just talk&text

Issue Description

My text worked fine when off if WiFi at first, but soon only began working when on wifi. I travel & MUST have text available at all times. Tried rebooting, resetting… Nothing works

  • As a start you may want to look at this Help Doc
  • If that doesn’t apply/fix then go to deep dive into texting problems
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@jben’s advice is good is you meant “Messages” when you said “Messenger”. If you meant “Messenger” which is a Facebook product, it generally requires cell data to function. You would want to switch to one of the support texting apps, specifically either Google Messages or Republic Anywhere.

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@dwaynew.6b0zdp Are you still needing help with this?

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