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Greetings everyone,

Recently, my phone’s messenger (Android) has been placing attachments and links sent to me into a separate group conversation. Regular text messages go through with no problems, so I’m not sure why it has started doing this. Moreover, unless there was an update to the software I’m unaware of, none of the messenger settings have been changed on my end.

If anyone has experienced this themselves or has faced a similar issue that would know of any solution(s) to this, I would be most grateful for your feedback and assistance.

Best Regards,


Hi @Stoic_Magister and welcome to the Member Community. See if the following Tips & Tricks document helps –

And just to confirm, you are using the Messages app by Google from the Play Store at

With an icon that looks like this – Google Messages Icon

And if none of that works here’s a text troubleshooting guide –

Come back if you still have questions. Hope this helps!

Hello @freddyp!

Thank you for your help and advice on the matter! Unfortunately, despite trying everything you suggested, and going through the Troubleshooting Texting Issues section, I’m still having the same issue. Additionally, I’ve yet to find any other help pages or tech sites that not only have anyone experiencing this issue, but also have any known solutions.

Again, I am grateful for any help you or others can still provide in resolving my messaging issues.

Best Regards,


Hello all!

I just wanted to provide an update. Due to perhaps some automatic update or fix in the Messenger App that I’m unaware of transpiring, the problem seems to have bee resolved.

I thank everyone again for taking the time to look over my situation.

Best Regards,


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