Metro-North (New York) E-Tickets

I have a Moto-X which is 2 1/2 years old. I believe first generation.

Are people using this phone to buy commutation E-Tickets for their commuter rail, or does the proprietary nature of this phone prevent this from working. I would assume it should work, but everyone knows that old joke about assume means.



Hi @lawrences.cejvw1,

I’m not using a Republic phone to buy commuter rail tickets in metro New York or elsewhere. Hopefully, someone who is will chime in.

That said, I see no reason doing so shouldn’t work. It’s true, Republic modified the Android operating system on your phone to enable its’ blended WiFi/cell service but it should function like any other Android phone for the purpose you describe.

Hi @lawrences.cejvw1!

I have not tried the Metro either, but I have tried it with an airline e-ticket. It worked fine for me .


The FAQs state that you need Android 4.4 or higher and 5.1 or higher is recommended.

I haven’t personally used these particular e-tickets but some of the other FAQ items should give caution to

anybody planning to use them

a) You need to activate the ticket, just before you ride. Once activated the ticket has to be used in a very specific time interval without any refunds. Unless the activation is an offline time-based thing…you will want to make sure that you have

good cellular signal or WiFi access at the station.

b) You are responsible for making sure that your phone is properly charged and does not enter any power saving states as the activated ticket must display in its multi-color mode when presenting to the conductor.

c) You are not allowed to keep your device in airplane mode.

Thanks for the replies.

I’ll probably get around to trying it one day, but I don’t see it as much of an advantage over ticket machines which are usually pretty fast to use. The one advantage I do see is if you won’t be able to catch the train you want if you have to use a ticket machine. In this case you would have to have internet connectivity on the train to activate the ticket.

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