MetroPCS Great Plans

I was recently comparing plans and found that MetroPCS has some great deals.

Hi @danm.qw7u5d,

Please allow me to explain our Community philosophy about discussing other providers, as I probably haven’t updated our guidelines thoroughly since we changed platforms. (This is for your info as well as for those who would be concerned and mark your post as spam.)

You’re welcome to discuss our competitors and what they offer in comparison to our plans. Be informative.

We do not allow links to our competitors’ websites nor posted content from their site.

We do not allow repeated postings of the same information on multiple threads.

There are plenty of websites available for posting deals and discussing providers. This space is ours and Its purpose is primarily to serve and inform our members with information relative to our service. Sometimes that includes discussing how other providers compare, but it does not include advertising for them.

Your post above could use more details. Please search for MetroPCS to make sure there’s not already a conversation here about their deals, then tell us more about what you found.

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