Did u know that rather than going through the hassle of trying to get service with republic not being able to contact anyone by phone or able to goto a store front for around $7.00 more u can get MetroPCS for the same or better coverages I’m am a very unsatisfied i gave them chances to figure it out I tried to be a republic customer but they couldn’t figure it out and take care of my issue

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Soon the coverage should be better with Republic as you will have the option of using either TMobile’s or Sprint’s network, their roaming partners, and you have WiFI calling available anytime you can connect to a network that has the necessary ports open. So coverage wise, Republic kicks their fanny.

However, I do agree that when you get to 30 bucks a month, the other providers throw in more cellular data or give you music streaming that doesn’t count against your cellular data amount. Plus as you say, there may be a local store in which to get assistance.

Anyhow, all this competition is great for the consumer. We can thank TMobile, Republic Wireless and the FCC for the low prices we pay for cellular service in the USA. Our neighbors to the north of us look on with envy.

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