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Visiting Mexico for dental work. Need to call dentist in Mexico from USA, and also call USA from Mexico. I understand I need an international calling card. Where do I get one? It needs to be for T-Mobile, right? Local Wal-Mart doesn’t have T-Mobile.

HI @brith.bur398 and welcome to the Member Community.

Here is a Tips & Tricks with a lot of information for International Travel with a Republic Phone

And here’s another link about International Service and RW. It will help you learn about Republic Wireless’ international service such as what type of calling and messaging you can do while in or outside of the United States.

A review of these two items will hopefully give you a better understanding of International calling with RW.

Please come on back with questions!

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I already read these articles provided in the links. They don’t answer my specific questions which is why I posted here.

what are the answers to my specific questions? See original post.

Hi @brith.bur398 - glad you were able to find and read the articles earlier. They do provide a lot of information if you have not seem them before.

Will defer to @rolandh (and others) for specific questions because they are much more versed in International calling. Roland is the author of the Tips & Tricks that was referenced. My experience is limited to WiFi calling with RW phones when we travel to Mexico, Vietnam and Korea. WiFi is a great way to stay in touch with family back in the states as we travel.

Hang in there, I’m sure answers will be forth coming!


Hi @brith.bur398,

Your Republic Wireless phone can call any US or Canadian number, while on a WiFi network that doesn’t block VoIP calls, from anywhere in the world. So if you’re on a WiFi network in Mexico, you could call home just by dialing your phone number, the same as you would from a WiFi network at home.

However, if you’re in Mexico and not on WiFi, you won’t be able to make calls on your Republic Wireless phone, and no calling card will help with that. You won’t have cellular service while in Mexico.

For calling to Mexico from the US you can purchase any calling card that lets you dial a US toll-free number, then dial the calling card’s access code and PIN, then dial the Mexican phone number. Basically, you’re using your RW service (which allows you to call US numbers) to connect to a calling card which then uses the money you’ve paid for the calling card to pay for your call to Mexico.

It does not need to be a T-Mobile calling card for any reason, because the calling card is in no way related to your Republic Wireless service or our cellular provider. It’s a completely separate service. You’re paying some amount of money to a separate company to act as the carrier for your international calls for a short period of time.

You can buy any calling card that Walmart sells that has a US number for you to call and allows calls to Mexico. You don’t even need to go to Walmart to purchase a calling card, as there are online options available as well, which I’m sure some of our Community members could recommend.

Best of luck with the dental work, please travel safely!


Hi @brith.bur398,

To the best of my knowledge, T-Mobile (or any other cellular service provider) does not offer an international calling card. As has already been pointed out, international calling cards do not provide cellular service in or out of the U.S. If you need cellular service (for calling, text messaging or Internet access when away from WiFi) while in Mexico, please let us know because that would be a different conversation.

International calling cards are readily available and I’m confident Walmart sells them. Locally to me, they’re also sold widely in pharmacies, convenience stores and grocery stores. Generally, they would be in the same location as gift cards sold at these venues.

International calling cards are not, however, the easiest way to make international calls when one has a smartphone. There are apps for that. Google Voice and Skype are well known options. Skype has the advantage of being able to exchange text messages in addition to calling international numbers. These days the app I use personally for calling international numbers is Rebtel. Rebtel offers a “Global Unlimited” option that bundles calls to 51 countries (including Mexico) for $10/month. There are no contracts involved; so if your need to call Mexican numbers is time-limited, it’s possible to cancel at any time. All of the apps I mention are available via Google’s Play Store app on your Republic phone.



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