Mic not working on gboard

Mic is not working on Gboard Moto g6. It is not the mic because it works for “Hey Google”. Had this problem once before but don’t remember the fix. Can anyone help?

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en

I would first try a restart of the phone.

If that fails, I would go into the phone settings, then apps. Look for the Gboard app and check to make sure it gives permission to the microphone.

If it’s still not working, can you tell us a little more about what you’re doing. What apps your using gboard in when its microphone fails? :slight_smile:

Added: While you’re in the Gboard app, it would not hurt to go into its “storage & cache” and clear its cache :wink:


I looked up in the Community to see if l could find the solution that worked last time. This is what I found:

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It works with Google when I say “hey Google” It does not work when using the mic to send a text. I already restarted it yesterday.

Please try unplugging and re-plugging in your router. That’s what you said worked last time. :slight_smile:


Yes, hubby’s 5 did the same thing. So I unplugged the router. I forgot about that but then I am old and memory is not so good anymore. Oh and it did get both phones working again.
Thank you!

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Happy to hear your phones are working again! :slight_smile:
If you have trouble again, the Community is here for you!

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