Micro SD card for Moto X4

I read that I should get a Class 10 UHC-1 or UHC-3, but when I shop online, I see cards that say ‘with adapter’. Do I need that? I am wanting to use the card for photo storage.

Hi @virginiad.d7lck5,

A Micro SD card is very, very small. If you remember installing your SIM card in your phone, the Micro SD card is similar in size.

The adapter is a larger card that the Micro SD card slides into, allowing it to act as an “SD card” (without the word “Micro”). A lot of computers, cameras, printers, copy machines, and photo kiosks accept the larger “SD Card” size.

The adapter is not a requirement for the Micros SD card to work in your phone, but it’s handy to have if you ever want to physically move the Micro SD card to another device that accepts only the larger sized “SD card.”

In this picture, the Micro SD card is on the bottom, and would slide right up into the slot just above it in the SD card.


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Ok, thanks so much!



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