Microphone Not working

Have a G6, the microphone isn’t working, actually I think it came apart and something fell off. The little spot where the microphone was, there is a hole now and you can see red. I’ve seen on youtube where they have replaced it, but I can’t find the part anywhere. Anyone have experience with it failing like this and any idea where the part can be had?

Any chance it’s still under warranty? Try contacting Motorola:

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No, not under warranty.

iFixit offers genuine Motorola repair parts but I don’t see anything for a microphone. You might try a local repair shop, or contact Motorola for a repair estimate.

I would still consider contacting Motorola via the link that @cbwahlstrom provided.
Parts really should not fall off under normal usage, and perhaps you will have some luck sweet talking one of their reps in standing by the product :smile:

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