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I downloaded and have used Microsoft Launcher las friday. I have a Moto G1 phone. The launcher makes it act like a new phone. It is quicker. It connects to Google tools like calendar, Sheets and Docs. Those programs are now on my phone and work very well. How come we haven’t heard about this from Republic. I find it a significant improvement.


Hi @johnv.0mfgla,

As a company we don’t have a team responsible for reviewing and recommending third-party apps, but we certainly appreciate it when our members take the time to do so.

If you’d like to edit the above post to tell us a little more about how you find Microsoft Launcher to be an improvement, maybe share some screenshots and the top features you’re enjoying, I’ll be glad to move your comments into our “reviews” section.

We’d also love to see others reply, discussing other launchers they use and how they’ve configured them to best suit their needs. Personally, I use Nova Launcher and I like the flexibility to size icons, import other icon packs, and back-up and restore my launcher configurations whenever I factory reset or replace a phone.


I too used the Microsoft Launcher when I was using my G1 and found it to be one of the better launchers available. Thanks for reminding me of this excellent launcher! :+1:


I have used the Microsoft Launcher before. The main reason why I ditched it is because I am so used to having Google Now and being able to swipe right to get to it. I use Google Now a lot. It’s very helpful. If they ever had an option to have Google Now as well, I would probably bite on it!


I second the Nova option (every now and then full version goes on sale for only $1 or $2, I pick up the full version a couple years ago and love it
with icon packs I can make my 2nd Gen Moto X look close to current level of android or I can pimp it out in the current holiday with minimum effort


I agree with @drm186.
With my 2 new phones on the Nova paid launcher is awesome with customizations. If anyone wants the free version all you miss out on is gestures really. Nova is the #1 voted best 3rd party launcher for I think 4 years running.


I did not mean to be critical of Republic with my remarks about Microsoft’s phone launcher.
Prior to last friday I was unaware there were such things as “phone launchers”. Since then I have looked online and read about them. I understand that third party launchers have been developed to improve overall cell phone performance. The one I downloaded (for free) and installed has made a remarkable improvement in my old phone (Moto G!) performance. If you haven’t already done so, I would encourage Republic users to research launchers and select one that will improve your phone’s functionality.

Notable Newbies: Welcome!

This community is all about collective discussions. The choice of launcher is a good fit for you while the Nova launcher is good for others. If not discussed in open forum nobody knows there are launchers to choose from. I like your thread and comments here. I and others just shared personal likes & aren’t squashing the Microsoft launcher. Maybe people will now check out that launcher because of your views on the experience of using it.


I have used MS Launcher for a while. Then this past week, I guess they pushed an update? Now my favorites screen is gone. Any thoughts or news on why?