Mid Range Phone to Replace Moto X 1st?

I want to replace my aging Moto X 1st gen with a decent mid $ range phone. The camera “broke” after 13 months.

I am torn between the Moto X Pure, Nexus 5x, Nexus 6P(favorite), & Moto G PLUS(4th). I would eagerly spend extra $ for the Z Play if Android updates weren’t at the mercy of Motorola; Lack of Android updates is my single biggest caveat for all the non nexus phones.

I use my phone mainly for organization, navigation, photo, and reading/browsing.

I use my computer for my Gaming/VR needs.

I live in Portland.

I am leaning towards the Moto X Pure mainly because of its price(64GB $299 from 3rd party seller), screen size, decent camera, ac wifi.

Something to hold me over until the newer Pixel phones go down in price?

What am I missing?

I am trying to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

Hi @ataxia ,

I’m going to lock this duplicate thread and ask that folks respond in the other one, here: Mid Range Phone to Replace Moto X 1st?

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