Migrate data Old Moto G4 to New Moto Z3 Play phone question

I currently have a Moto G4(GSM) RW phone My Choice Plan phone, which I need to migrate all the data over to my new Moto Z3 Play (GSM) unlocked phone. I see where if my data is backed up to my Google account it will be there on my new phone once activated – but the problem is I have two Google.gmail accounts, so not sure if everything will get copied over to the new phone. I’ve looked at YouTube and see apps. like SYNCIOS & SMART WARE can be used to copy everything from Old to New phone, but I also see cautions like my data my compromised if I use a FREE appt. to copy over my data. I also tried plugging my Old phone into my desktop with the phone/USB cable to hopefully read & copied everything off the Old phone to my desktop PC and then pulg in my New phone & copy it over, but when I plug in the Old phone I see it recognizes the Old Moto G4, but nothing shows on the phone (says it’s empty) when I know it has 8.78GB of Internal storage. Any suggestion on how to get everything including the Apps I want from my Old to New phone? – Thanks,Zack

Hi @zacks.sbl7k7 and welcome to the Community. I’d start by reviewing the follow Tips & Tricks article and see if it covers what you want to do.

Hope this helps!

It helps — Thanks.

@zacks.sbl7k7 come on back if you other specific questions. The Community Members are always willing to help where they can :smiley:

The default connection is “USB for Charging”

Slide down the Notification Shade
Tap on the notification that states " USB for Charging"
And change it to “USB for MTP or File Transfer”

Default USB connection is always for Charging only…so you need to do this every time you connect the phone to USB.

Once you do this…you should be able to see all accessible file from your desktop and copy them over to suitable folder

For your two gmail conflict

You can only have one gmail ID associated with the playstore for all your apps.
But you can add multiple email addresses to the gmail app. All gmail resides on the server side…so there is nothing to copy over from one phone to another. This can be done at the time of setup on your new Z3 or any time later on by going into the Gmail settings and tap on Add account

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