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I transferred data from my old Moto g4 to my new Moto x4. I realized afterwards that not all my contacts transferred. It appears that I had my contacts under 2 different email accounts and that only one of them transferred. So I figured I would simply do it again, now with the other account. However when I click on “migrate” I get the error message “Sorry! Migrate is not supported as of Android M.” I was also hoping to get my old text messages from my old phone as well, which also didn’t transfer.


Motorola Migrate doesn’t work on the new phones, but your contacts don’t migrate that way anyway. You can move your contacts by adding the Google Account to the phone.

As far as your texts, this is the app I recommend: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riteshsahu.SMSBackupRestore


I have a significant number of contacts under my yahoo account, which are the ones that didn’t transfer. Anything I can do with them? Not sure what you mean by “adding the google account to the phone”.

And regarding the texts, I’m assuming that app will only help me moving forward? Nothing I can do to move texts from my old phone to the new one?


Generally it’s best practice to sync the contacts on an Android phone to one’s Google account as Android is developed by Google and works best with Google’s cloud. It’s not that Yahoo shouldn’t work, however, it is my experience that Yahoo and Android’s native apps tend not to get along so well and, in my opinion, this is mostly on Yahoo.

I’ve used this app to directly transfer contacts between phones: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.globile.mycontactbackup. You would install it on the old phone, where it will create a file then attach it to an email sent to yourself. You would then open the attached file using the email app (probably Gmail) on your new phone. Once the attached file is opened, you’ll then be able to import the contacts into the Contacts app on your new phone.

No, you would also install SMS Backup & Restore on your old phone, backup the texts on the old phone to cloud storage (Google Drive is easiest). Next, install SMS Backup & Restore on your new phone and restore the texts to the new phone from the backup file copied to Google Drive. It’s easier than it sounds and the app will walk you through it.

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