Migrate - Moto E to Moto X



How do I migrate from Moto E to Moto X pure edition to bring over files, phone numbers etc? I heard there’s an app for the Moto E that transfers everything to the new phone if it is physically close to the Moto E - True?


Unfortunately the Moto migrate is no support my Motorola after lollipop is so it will not work,
As long as you have contact syncing with your Google account they will transfer when you add that account to the new phone during setup
Apps from the play store should be transferred also
Photos can be backup via the Photos app [Google Photos] and you will have access to them on the new phone [one can download on WiFi at will]
Other media [music and documents] can be pushed to Google drive and pulled down on the new phone
Your phone number should transfer on activation/ for text and call history a backup app can be used [there are many in the play store]


In addition to @drm186’s excellent synopsis, here are some links to help streamline the process.

http://www.google.com/sync/index.html (Google Sync).


Hope this helps. :relaxed:


Please take a look at the blog post in “Tips & Tricks” here for guidance on how to move your information from your old phone to the new one: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone


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