Migrate Moto G4 to Moto Z3 Play

I currently have a Moto G4 and would like to buy a Moto Z3 Play. How do I activate/setup the new Z3 and migrate everything from the G4 to the Z3? Can I use the same SIM card from the G4 in the Z3? - Thanks

Hi @zacks.sbl7k7 - Assume the Z3 Play you purchase is fully RW compatible – Moto Z3 Play Tech Specs – Republic Help

See if these articles help –

Tips & Tricks article –

And this article on activating phone - How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help

There are links in the article that you can follow according to your situation.

A lot of information, but they will help get you started. Please come back if you have questions :smiley:


Thanks for the quick reply FREDDYP — I’m a long time RW customer on the My Choice Plan (currently using a Moto G4), but its been over two years since I did a new phone activation or migrated anything from an Old Phone to a New Phone. The info you provided is very helpful — I will review it and hopefully this will give me everything I need to get the job done. — I’ll come back if I have any further questions. — Thanks again.


You’re welcome!

We used SMS Backup & Restore (a simple Android app) to back up and restore our phone’s text messages and call logs to our new phones when we upgraded to Moto G6’s this year. The app was mentioned in one of the articles above. This was a priority one concern for my SO :smile:

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