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I couldn’t find this anywhere, I should receive my new G5+ today, I now have a piece of junk Moto G4, lol. When I migrate, I don’t want all the info I have on my old phone to transfer to the G5+, because I’m concerned that it will take up a lot of storage…I ran into storage filling up on the G4.

Is there some way to do this. As far as I can tell, everything is backed up. I also installed “Onedrive” on my phone.

Now what do I do? Is it possible to pick & choose what is migrated?

Thank you

ps…I have never had a smooth migration with new phones, yet. Maybe this is the one…lol

the advice on how to transfer can be found here How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone

My advice is to boot up the phone as a new device (no migrations via Android setup as older device) just add you Gmail account (this should sync up your contact and calendar)
I would pick and choose which apps you want to install via the play store (you can get a list of of apps you had installed before from the My apps and games in the menu ( :menu: ) and go to the Library tab.
as for the rest of the media type files you can transfer as needed (want)
for photos I would use the Photo app to access them online and auto upload on WiFi (then remove them from the phone every now and again)


Thank you,
I don’t have a lot of apps that I have installed, its the photos that get me…lol
I will use your good advice for a reference when my new phone arrives… TODAY!
wish me luck, hehehe


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