Migrating contacts from damaged phone

My old phone’s screen shattered and is unusable. My new phone just arrived and I’m doing setup. How do I migrate my contacts/aps/messages, etc from the old one, since I can’t download the migrate ap on the old one? They are both connected to the same account, and I migrated the number, but none of the contacts have moved over yet. Thank you.

If you backed up your photos and contacts to your Google account. They should load on to the new phone once you enter your Google account information into the new phone and synchronize the new phone to your Google account. Log on to your Google account to see if they are there.

You can also down load any photos to a computer by using an usb cable, providing you had the phone usb setting set to USB computer connection.

Text messages are probably lost. Normally, you need to download an app to transfer them to a separate computer.

when i signed in my phone I used the wrong google address (my backup address). I have since gone in and changed it to the one I had specifically for my phone, but when I click on any google services it is still linked to the old one. How do I fix this? It looks like the contacts are now in my phone but the messages are not, and the new messages I have received just have numbers, even though they are coming from people in my saved contacts.

Also, when I look at google calendar, there is no option for week or month view, only “schedule, day, and 5 day”. Where can I find the week view like I had?

For the calendar, I would go to Google play store and see if Google calendar is installed on your new phone.Google Calendar - Android Apps on Google Play

Oh my goodness I need help! I can’t figure this out! I just deleted my “secondary google account” and reentered my primary one but now I can’t figure out how to add the secondary one. On my old phone I had both google accounts available, and could look at calendars and contacts from both. This one seems so much more complicated.

I would open GMail and then go into the menu, scroll down and select settings. From there you should be able to add a second account.

Ok trying that now…

That worked for the adding an account. Thank you! Still trying to figure out the photos issues.

If your photos are not in your Google account, then you better hope that your phone is set to USB computer when you connect a USB cable to the phone and computer and the phone is not password protected. The file you are looking for is DCIM.

Did you get your calendar fixed? I know I was missing the month and so on when I updated my Moto X1 to Lollipop. I when to Google Play store and installed the version that is on Google Play store and the month came back.

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