Migrating from Moto G3 to Moto E4

Hi, everyone. My old Moto G3 is on its last leg, and I found an inexpensive factory unlocked Moto E4 XT1768, which will be arriving today. I’m on the Republic Refund zero data plan. What steps will I have to take to get the new phone up and running, and transfer my account & plan over to it? Thanks!

See the following:

You won’t be able to keep your old plan. The Moto E4 will need to be activated on a My Choice plan. And yes, you’ll need a new SIM card. The card in your G3 cannot be used in the new phone.

Hi @danielb.vkrr58 and welcome to the Community!

@cbwahlstrom is, as usual, correct.

For reference the equivalent talk, text but no cell data option is $15/month plus taxes and telecom fees as opposed to your current plan’s $10/month plus taxes and telecom fees. So, you should expect a roughly $5/month increase. Republic will prorate both old and new plans when activating the Moto E4, so that you’re not paying for two plans simultaneously.

Activating a phone as a replacement (which moves your number from old to new phone) is described here:

To this end, would you be willing to share a zip code (nothing more). Republic offers multiple coverage options for newer compatible phones such as the Moto E4.

Thanks, both of you, for replying. The ebay post showed the identical model number from the compatibility list, which is why I bought it, and the owner confirmed that it was a factory unlocked model. I’ll confirm this before ordering a new SIM.

As for zip code, not sure what you mean about coverage options, but 60120.

If you’ll hold off for a few moments on ordering that new SIM, I’ll provide more detail.

Hi @danielb.vkrr58,

Currently, Republic has two network options for newer compatible phones like the Moto E4. One option is GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage. The other option is CDMA (legacy Sprint network) coverage. Your Moto G3 uses legacy Sprint network coverage, so I just wanted to double-check that T-Mobile network coverage would be adequate in your area. I’m happy to say, according to coverage maps, T-Mobile network coverage looks excellent.

It certainly sounds like the seller properly listed the phone. A Moto E4 model XT1768 is indeed both factory unlocked and Republic compatible. The SIM is available at Republic’s online store linked here:

As you may know, Republic plans to temporarily close its online store as of Tuesday, November 16, 2021 and the new SIM would need to be activated by November 30., 2022. Therefore, I suggest getting that order in before 3:00 PM eastern time today if at all possible.

If the above paragraph seems not to make sense, please see here:

Oh, great, I appreciate the detailed reply. I guess I’ll go for the T-Mobile option then, and get my SIM order in ASAP. Thanks again!

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Phone arrived, hardware checked out, SIM card ordered. Thanks again!


I have one more quick question (hoping this thread is still monitored). Since it looks like my new SIM will not arrive until after the online store closes in a couple days (no notification that it’s even shipped yet), should I switch my plan to My Choice now? If so, will my current phone be out of service until I get my new one set up, since it was on the Refund plan? Thanks.

Hi @danielb.vkrr58,

It’s not possible to switch your plan to My Choice until you have the new SIM in the Moto E4 for activation. That the SIM might arrive after Republic temporarily closes its online store is not an issue in and of itself.

When were you able to get the order in? Was it after 3:00 PM eastern time Friday? If so, the order would process and ship tomorrow, November 15th. Obviously, the SIM won’t arrive before the store’s scheduled temporary closure but as long as the SIM is received and activated prior to November 30th, you’ll be fine.

If you sign into your Republic account here: Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless. Do you see evidence of the SIM order? Keeping in mind, Republic’s online Community is a public Internet forum, please do not post any details here. Just let us know if you see the order or not?

It looks like I placed the order after 3 PM EST, so I’ll look for the shipping notification tomorrow. I got email confirmation of the order, so should be good. Thanks!

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Typically, it comes in the evening between 8:00 and 9:00 PM eastern time.

Since the order has been acknowledged as received, I’m confident all is well.

Our pleasure!

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