Migrating from Old Moto E to New Moto E


I just received a new Moto E from Motorola as a replacement for my old phone which isn’t working correctly.

I’m a bit confused about making the changeover and I have a few questions.

  1. What is the smoothest way to migrate to the new phone?
  2. The new phone comes with a Sim card. I don’t recall this phone having a Sim card.
  3. If I activate the new phone, will my contacts automatically migrate to the new phone? I know I have to do a factory reset before I send the old phone back.



Just activate the new phone as a replacement for the old one. It is a step in the activation process on the phone.

The Moto E 1st Generation did not. It sounds like they sent you an E 2nd Gen.

If you are using Gmail and your contacts are in Gmail, they will come back when the phone syncs with the Gmail servers.

Make sure if you have a screen lock, that you remove that before factory resetting.

Good luck :grinning:


Thanks for the quick response.
My old phone is a Moto E 2nd gen.

I just looked in the new box; according to the info on the insert, they
sent me the wrong phone (unless they included the wrong insert!) The new
phone is a Moto X!

I’m going to call Motorola before I do anything. Do you have any other



When Motorola runs out of certain models they will send an upgrade to the customer. That could be why they sent you a Moto X.


Are you certain this is an upgrade? The Moto X was released in 2013.


Moto X is their high end phone model. It’s features are different and depending on which X they gave you (Gen 1, 2 or 3) it may or may not accommodate an SD card.

I’m looking to see if I can find the specs comparison for the phones. This may take awhile.

I found this comparison:


I’ve been looking at the specs. but I don’t know which model I have. The
battery life is shorter, which is a bad thing for me. The Moto E 2nd Gen
had a short battery life; I can’t imagine less of a battery life.



Have you activated the phone yet? If you did, what does it say under Settings > About Phone > Model Number?

What did the documentation say that came with the phone? It should have the model number and the generation on the document.

You mentioned it came with an SD slot, then it’s not a Moto X 1 or 2 gen. Moto X 1 & 2 do not have SD card slots. Moto Pure can accommodate an SD card in the same draw that holds the SIM card. If you have a Moto Pure you would see a marked difference in the size of the phone and it’s weight.

I suspect they either sent you a Moto E2 or possibly a Moto G3. Moto E’s have SD card slots as well as Moto G3’s. Moto G3 is a little bigger phone than Moto E’s. Coming from a Moto E1, either way they sent you a newer model phone.

By the way, you don’t have to use the SD card slot, it’s there if you ever want to add extra storage and purchase an SD Card.


It came with a Sim card.

I haven’t activated it yet. I wanted to make sure I got the right phone. I
also want to make sure (though I haven’t asked yet) that I won’t lose my
old plan with the new phone.

The phone came with no booklet. There are two cards that were enclosed. One
says “Here’s your replacement phone. . .” The other card says “Moto X
Start-up & Repair Your phone.”

It’s not a Moto Pure; this phone is the same size as the Moto E.

I sent an email to Motorola, as they are closed, now.

Thanks for your help.



Glad to help!

The document they sent is generic. I’m guessing it’s a Moto E. Moto G is bigger and Moto X is much bigger than a Moto E. If the phone is the same size as your older phone it’s a Moto E that they sent you.

You won’t lose your old plan as long as you activate your phone as a replacement.

You can use the following documents to assist you:




For clarification purposes; my old phone is a Moto E 2nd Generation.
Motorola confirmed that the phone they sent to me is a Moto E 2nd and not
a Moto X. They had just put the wrong insert in the box.

I still don’t recall installing a Sim card. Someone said that Republic
Wireles phones don’t have Sim cards.

The new phone comes with a Sim card. I don’t recall this phone having a Sim

The Moto E 1st Generation did not. It sounds like they sent you an E 2nd



Hi @jamied.gygmwp

With CDMA devices on RW the SIM card is tied to the phone itself, not the service account like on GSM.

Assuming that Moto sent you a RW E2, the chances are that the SIM they included will not work. RW will send you a proper sim card but you will need to raise a Support Ticket, (or initiate a Chat session) to get this resolved.

Hope this helps.


When you originally purchased the Moto E1 if it had a SIM card it was already installed and activated by RW.

It is possible Motorola supplied you with an RW SIM card. The SIM card is for 4g/LtE service. As suggested open a ticket and RW will sort it out for you. You can use this link if you like:



Hello. We determined it’s the wrong SIM card. I have to order a new SIM
card. I opened a help ticket to get the new card.

Thanks again for your assistance.




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