Migrating info from one S7 to another

I purchased an S7, but the battery life is horrible. I will receive a new one tomorrow. I have purchased a RW sim card and it is installed in my current phone. When I migrate info from old phone to the new phone, do I need to remove the RW sim card from the old phone first, or keep it in the phone? I have a second RW sim card, as well. Thanks for any help. I have important info in the form of texts and photos that I must not lose. THanks for any help.

Hi @celestia00,

If your current S7 is activated on GSM (and not CDMA), moving service from one S7 to the other should be a simple matter of moving the SIM from the old S7 to the new S7. If you need more detail on this, let us know.

As for user content, anything synced with your Google account will move when the same Google account being used on the old S7 is added to the new S7. For that which is not synced to your Google account, since both phones are Samsungs I suggest trying Samsung Smart Switch Mobile - Android Apps on Google Play.

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