Migrating Moto X to new Moto G4

I bought a Moto G4 to replace my wife’s Moto X. While trying to activate it it finds the Moto x and they both show the same number but I get “something went wrong.” Have tried repeatedly. Can I skip this step and still migrate everything from the Moto x later?

It sounds like the two phones might be trying to exchange data through NFC (near field communication) but it is not working for some reason (maybe NFC is turned off on one of the phones). Therefore you are getting the message “something went wrong.” It is okay to skip this process and continue with the activation as replacement for existing line of service. Activate My Phone

If you have used your Google account to back up the old Moto X device, then the Moto G4 will automatically restore your contacts, email, calendar and apps, once you have enter your Google account onto that device. You can use Google Photos to backup your photos if you haven’t already done so.

These apps can also help you transfer other data from one phone to another since the Moto G4 no longer has moto migrate.

Phone Copier - MOBILedit - Android Apps on Google Play

Copy My Data - Android Apps on Google Play

Moto g4 does not have NFC,

I was trying to do the same thing, replace wife’s Moto x with motog4. It could see each other via Bluetooth, see the correct code, but would fail when trying to transfer.

Wound up using a third party app to try and get SMS and call history transfered over.

For some reason the motog4 would not exactly replicate her Google account, still had to manually install a few apps, and disable others to make it more like her old moto x. Last time I upgraded my phone, it seemed less involved and more automatic.

Hi @lenoirt,

As I understand it the “copy from a nearby device” functionality is new to Marshmallow and doesn’t rely on NFC. In my experience, it also rarely works. My routine advice is to skip past it, add one’s Google account old school then use a third party app (as you suggested) to move anything that gets left behind.

Hi @rolandh,

Thanks for taking the time to explain this situation. I always learn something new from you.

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