Mini Companion?

Ran into an old friend of mine, who switched to the Palm mini. Love the concept. A minimalist phone; and would be perfect for us RW folks.

I see on Palm’s site - Verizon offers the Palm as a companion device through their Numbershare program.

Can we have something like this at RW? :wink:


Hi @verizonguy and welcome back to the Member Community. I’m just another member and have no insight in RW plans. I do know that RW has a survey you can complete that helps them determine what everyone is interested in. Check out post below.

You never know…might make a difference!


Whoa! Gotta have that, RW. $349 on sale for $299 at their website. I would pay that for a small phone that still performs for 99% of what we use the phone to do daily.

Meanwhile, back at the 1%, Samsung’s Z Flip at $1380 is not a phone. It’s a tablet that can make phone calls.

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I hear ya! If it came as a companion, I’d be happy to leave the Moto at home and work distraction free from the office. :smile:

Not to throw a wet blanket on this (it sounds interesting)… but read the first 3 words of this
Link to stale data, keep reading Link

That’s the first version. The current version is sold unlocked directly on the Palm website.


It’s compatible with T-Mobile, but not Sprint. This is from a Q&A page at the Palm site:

Q: Which carriers are compatible with the U.S. unlocked Palm?

A: Most major U.S. carriers are compatible such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and US Mobile. The U.S. unlocked Palm is not compatible with the Sprint Network, and any subsidiary networks of Sprint using the same cellular bands and frequencies.

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Isn’t RW on the T-mobile now?

T-Mobile is indeed Republic’s GSM network partner. That said, there’s more to compatibility with Republic than matching cellular network specs with one or both of Republic’s network partners.

Republic’s Android service blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of its former corporate parent with one of two cellular network partners. One network partner is the aforementioned T-Mobile. Republic’s other cellular network partner operates a CDMA network and is Sprint. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended service.

Blended service is managed by Republic’s mobile app. Before certifying a particular phone for support, Republic tests and verifies that both its app and blended service work as intended.

By no means am I saying this would be impossible on Palm’s phone. It would be a matter of whether and when Republic tested and then whether blended service works as intended.

As a runner, phones like Palm’s sometimes intrigue me. Whether it intrigues me enough to spend $300 is another matter. In any event among the things Republic would likely need to be convinced of to test Palm’s phone is whether there’s sufficient interest to make dedicating the resources to be worthwhile.


On second thought, nevermind. After reading older and a newer review there are deal killers. 1. It’s pricey which could be overcome if, (2) the battery’s very short charge did not evaporate so quickly, (3) and if using a tiny keyboard would not be so frustrating.

I don’t receive that many calls in any given month so for me it would be an internet and app machine. The Palm is more suited, I think, to those who want to be free of a larger phone but one that could easily make and receive calls.

Nice find. I hadn’t seen this phone yet. I would love to use this Palm mini phone as my only phone. I really hope that Republic can add it as a supported phone. As a Companion phone is an intriguing idea but probably on a higher complexity level. Just supporting the phone would be awesome.

The small phone space has been pretty limited over the last few years. One of the only small ones that still has higher end hardware is the Sony Xperia Compact line… which Republic also unfortunately doesn’t support. This Palm phone is also smaller than that. The Sony is more similar in size to the Moto X1.

I don’t like the new trend of phones getting bigger and bigger. Prior to Republic, I used an iPhone 3 and that was a great size. It looks like this Palm is a similar size so that is exciting.

I used the Moto X1 since Republic released that up until last year and when I first got that phone I thought it was too big, but quickly got used to it. I think that size phone or smaller is the perfect size. I can reach anywhere with my thumb easily when holding the phone with 1 hand.
I’ve tried and looked at a bunch of phones over the last 2 years and they all feel too big.
I’ve been using a Moto G5 over the last year which was my wife’s phone before she got a new one. I had to upgrade from the Moto X1 as it was just getting too slow with the latest app updates for the apps that I used regularly. I’m still not used to the size and think it is too big even after a year.

I really hope that Republic will be able to add some smaller phones. I’m glad at least some companies are making smaller ones even though the trend for most seem to be bigger and bigger.

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