Minimalist Phones?

Has there been a discussion to include minimalist phones? I enjoy republic wireless, but I would also like to dumb down my phone to an extent. Anyone else interested in minimalist phones?

Hi @jedr.wkgran

The hybrid WiFi-Cell calling and texting features of the Republic Wireless service require the smarts of a smartphone to function. There are others who are interested in a less functional phone but at this time using that on the Republic service is not possible.


My daughters are too old for the republic relay, but I would like a simple cell phone where they can text, call, add a few apps that are parent-approved, but not free searching of the internet or ok google searches. I don’t know if this is possible, but it would be great. The only few apps that are useful are library apps, fitbit, google play music, marco polo etc… I guess this isn’t so minimalist after all. But a good compromise from an everything phone.

It is completely possible. You can use one of the million parental control apps that are out there (I’ve used Qustodio and Kaspersky Safe Kids) and completely control the phone in exactly the manner you’ve described.

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