Minor Typographic Error in "Alert: Review your data usage" Email

This is really minor, but it’s one of those things that immediately hit me when I saw it. There is a minor typographical error in the email that is sent to customers with subject line “Alert: Review your data usage”. The typographical error seems to be in some kind of hidden preview text and not in the actual body of the email. It shows up prominently in email web applications and phone applications.

The typographical error is: “You maybe running low on data”.
This should instead say: “You may be running low on data”.

This is what the email looks like, note that the typographical error is not visible when reading the email, only when viewed from other areas.

Sorry for the nit-pick, but I thought it might make a better impression for people if it’s fixed.


Thanks, @Scottathew, I’ll bring this to the attention of our e-mail admin.


Bad news\good news.

Bad news: I’m still low on data (but hey, I went on a one week Disney vacation and I’m still on my first 1GB!).
Good news: The minor typographical error is fixed!

Yep, they hopped right on it! Typos are a lot easier to fix than bugs, and lest anyone think the time could have been better spent on more significant issues, it’s a very different team that works on e-mail copy and system bugs.

p.s. @Scottathew I’ve added a GB to your line on us.


Thanks so much! Streaming music while walking the dog for the rest of the plan period! :smiley:

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